Attention Intuitives, Healers & Coaches
Are you ready to make more money, serve more clients, and become a visionary leader your field?

September 9 to 12, 2013

Learn how 16 transformational entrepreneurs were able to build wildly successful businesses, get their message out in a big way, and do it without sacrificing their integrity or their passion.


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Dear intuitives and healers,

I believe the universe led you here because you have a powerful message of transformation to share with the world. I know that you know in your soul that you have a higher calling.

But I also know that you probably feel like:

  • You aren’t sharing your message with a big enough audience
  • A failure because you don’t have more ideal clients
  • You deserve to get paid more money, but believe that charging more would mean less people get help
  • And sometimes wonder if you made a mistake in launching your business.

It would break my heart if you walked away from your business simply, because there are individuals out there, right now, who absolutely need the healing that you provide!

That’s why I created this event: so that intuitives, healers, and coaches, like you, would have the tools they need to build a thriving monetized practice, while serving more people, and making a big difference in the world.

Today I’m asking you to make a courageous choice for your business: to register for this event which is completely free and super-valuable, and which will give you the tools you need to own a thriving, profitable business.

In just four days you’ll learn:

  • Dozens of actionable “client-getting strategies”
  • How to charge what you’re worth, and actually get paid it
  • Strategies to overcome money fears, worries and dramas
  • A simple way to create a profitable plan for your business
  • Proven processes to reach the audience you were born to serve
  • Powerful practices to fill your business with tons of ideal clients
  • How to work less, get paid more, and feel like you’re living your soul’s purpose

Look around: the world desperately needs conscious entrepreneurs, like yourself, right now.

This powerful, completely free, event will help you step into your power as a change agent, reach the audience you were born to serve, get more clients and make more money, and most importantly you’ll be able to achieve all of this with a sense of authenticity, joy, meaning and purpose.”

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Meet Your Host

MichaelMapesMichael Mapes

Michael can help you quickly and easily grow your business so that you are reaching the audience you were born to serve. Michael Mapes is an intuitive business coach who helps heart-centered entrepreneurs accomplish three big shifts that positively impact their bottom line. The great thing about working with an intuitive business coach is that Michael is able to quickly identify energetic and practical blocks to success, and provide simple, easy-to-implement strategies designed to help you attract ideal clients, make more money, and most importantly bring your powerful message of transformation to the world.


Meet Your Speakers

Debra Larson
deb_4-232x300Debra Larson is a Wealth & Success Coach and founder of Simply Wealthy by Debra. She inspires women (and a few lucky guys) around the world on how to turn their own true gifts, passions and purpose into a profitable, meaningful business thru simple, doable – yet result driven systems. She prides herself in helping her clients achieve transformational results by weaving timeless truths and Universal Laws with mastery marketing counsel, teaching on everything from mindset to marketing that assists you in growing yourself while empowering you to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Yvonne Bynoe
yvonneYvonne Bynoe is a women’s leadership and business expert. Through her company, Soulful Affluence, she teaches women entrepreneurs around the world simple ways to attract more clients, earn more money, and to distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace by offering high-end programs. Her signature program, Clarity, Clients & Cash™ System, combines proven 6-figure business and marketing strategies. Yvonne is an attorney and certified business coach. She is the senior contributor to the business website and contributor to Business Heroine magazine. She is also the author of the workbook: The Soulful Affluence Guide to Courageous Women Entrepreneurs Above all, Yvonne is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs to become courageous so that they build meaningful and profitable businesses that empower themselves and their communities.

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Anne-PresuelRev. Ann Presuel

Rev. Anne Presuel (self-proclaimed “Irreverent Rev”), is the creator and CEO of Divinely Intuitive Business, LLC, and works with spiritual entrepreneurs helping them get their sacred gifts to the world in a powerful, abundant way. She helps her clients “Get Their Divine ON!” by tuning into their own 6-figure businesses on their own terms. Anne is an Interfaith Minister, a Divine Intuitive™, and a master energy therapist. She lives with her husband, Dr. Francisco Presuel, in South Florida, with their four children… ahem, kitties.


Fia-Lynn Crandall
Fia-LynnCrandallFia-Lynn Crandall is an Intuitive Business Consultant and author of the forthcoming book “The Wealthy Healer: 7 Spiritual Secrets To A Profitable Purpose!” Fia-Lynn empowers Healers & Intuitives to free themselves inside to create a thriving business with ease. She is dedicated to making your journey to a 6-figure business easier and more fun!

Amethyst Mahoney
amythystAmethyst Mahoney helps holistic and heart-centered entrepreneurs who struggle to attract clients and feel overwhelmed in their businesses unlock their purpose so they can finally get paid to do what they love, bring their message to the World, and live a life full of purpose and passion. She helps you drop the “shoulds” and the goals that aren’t really yours so that you can discover the truth of who you are. Ready to live an authentic life where you wake up excited every day, easily attract more clients, and make more money?

Veronica Drake
VD-6Veronica’s personal mission is to empower women to create their own economy so that they are financially independent and can support their families and have a consistent quality of life. Hi! She is an internationally acclaimed intuitive business strategy consultant. Working with heart inspired women entrepreneurs who are fast paced and creative and want to let go of all the distractions holding them back. Veronica helps them create clarity around their niche and their marketing message so that they can plan, produce and profit with ease. Using her highly refined intuition to quickly find what’s blocking them and help them remove the block so that we can develop a plan to strengthen their personal brand which ultimately leads to consistent income.

Jodi Chapman
Jodi Chapman is the author of the inspirational blog, Soul Speak; the upcoming book, Coming Back to Life: How an Unlikely Friend Helped Me Reclaim My True Spirit; the Coming Back to Life Ecourse, and the bestselling Soulful Journals series, co-authored with her amazing husband, Dan Teck.

After experiencing a spiritual awakening in October 2010, she went from being a complete skeptic to a believer in miracles and the magic that is always occurring all around us. She now lives her life with love and faith in the driver’s seat, and she hopes to leave a trail of inspiration wherever she goes. She believes that we each have the ability to hear our soul’s whisper and create our best lives.

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RBKEllen Whitehurst
Ellen Whitehurst is a bestselling author, in demand speaker and magazine columnist. An inspirational expert and Feng Shui Master, Whitehurst loves to share her empowering and lucky lifestyle tips and techniques across a wide variety of media platforms.

Maddie Brown
A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with 30 years of working with small businesses, Maddie has a passion for helping other business owners fulfill their dreams and create the real business they were meant to share.

Her services save time, stress and money and give people wings. By helping business owners fulfill their place, Maddie fulfill’s hers.

Louise Botwright
As an Award winning entrepreneur, “Awesome Life Vision Creation Coach” by day and proud mum by night, Louise Botwright is a fun-loving passionate coach who’s made it her mission to inspire, influence, motivate and empower heart centred entrepreneurs globally. Louise uses a combination of internal mind-set techniques alongside proven business strategies that allow you to find your voice, discover your strengths and learn to be authentically you. “I show you how the simplest changes in the way you think can lead to miraculous transformations in all aspects of your daily life, allowing you to overcome your limiting beliefs, take back control of those negative thoughts and unleash your true power, so you create the greatest business, relationships, success, wealth, joy & happiness you can possibly imagine for your life”.

Renee Shupe

HeadshotreduxRenee makes technology easier for micro business owners, offering training, coaching & done for you services. Forget the late night frustrations because that “thing” isn’t connecting to the thing-a-ma-jig, no matter what your late night frustration is when it comes to running your business Renee and the team at Redhead Business Solutions can help.
Making the transition from working for large consumer brands such as Mission Hill Winery, Teligence Communications & Mike’s Hard Lemonade Renee discovered that her gift was to help other solo & micro business owners understand how use technology to their advantage and benefit, and in turn see an increase in profits.  Once you grasp an understanding of how technology can benefit your business and who’s the best one to handle it you’ll find more time, focus and freedom in your business.

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Kirsten Brown

kristenKristen Brown is a renowned speaker, certified coach, widow mom, award-winning  entrepreneur & bestselling author of The Best Worst Thing, The Happy Hour Effect, Beat the Blues & The Entrepreneur Promise. She is founder of Happy Hour Effect LLC, a company that helps people ignite their work & life. She is a professional speaker, brand consultant & media personality who has been featured on TV, radio, print & online including Live with Kelly & Michael, Inc. magazine, Psychology Today & HLN. She trains teams, entrepreneurs & authors to create low-stress, high success game plans to achieve professional & personal goals.

GinaGina Macaluso

Gina is the CEO of Business Wealth and creator of the Exclusive Business Wealth Builders Club and as a business wealth and money expert, Gina helps other business owners avoid wasting their time and money and create more profit in their business and more personal freedom in their life! Instead of wasting your time and money, you’ll have more free time, happier clients and more money in your wallet!

SherrySherry Mirshahi-Totten
Sherry Mirshahi-Totten is the founder and CEO of Make Your Brand in Demand. She is also the official Branding Expert for the Pink Collar Women’s Network. Sherry propels and uplevels entrepreneurs who want to go from overlooked to a more aligned and profitable Brand in Demand. Sherry is on a mission to help businesses become not only visible, but necessary, and relevant through innovative brand messaging, marketing strategy, and signature offerings. Result? You get paid more for being you while attracting bigger business opportunities.



Dana D’Orsi

dana-full-shot-aboutDana D’Orsi is a Marketing, Productivity & Personal Growth Expert, and the creator of The Build Your Six Figure Business Blueprint, a 7-step system to help entrepreneurs attract more clients & make more money—all while enjoying more time, freedom & FUN! 

Tami Gulland

img_5630Tami Gulland mentors smart, intuitive women coaches, healers and creative entrepreneurs to transform their struggling businesses into passionate, profitable and sustainable ones. She also teaches them how to partner with their Angels and Higher Guidance to find their fastest, easiest and most authentic path to success. She specializes in clearing her clients’ biggest blocks so they can shine in their natural brilliance and create true prosperity on every level in their business and lives.

Tami bridges the gap between business strategy and spirituality as she combines her two decades of marketing and business development experience with her powerful gifts as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Certified Medium. She has written 2 books, including Conversations with Angels: Divine Inspirations to Uplift Your Heart and co-authored Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now with Jack Canfield.

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